JCB Smart Tower - Rapid Deployment Wireless CCTV System

Welcome to the JCB Smart Tower a VPS Site Security product

VPS Site Security logoVPS Site Security has the UK’s leading range of stand-alone, fully integrated, rapidly deployable, mobile CCTV security solutions and the JCB Smart Tower is the flagship product within this division.As specialists in temporary and remote site security, we understand how important it is to deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising on protection.

JCB Smart Tower on site rapid deployment remote wireless CCTV system

The JCB Smart Tower range incorporates all the components you’ll need to provide effective CCTV monitoring and recording in a robust and rugged housing. A vandal-proof pan-tilt-zoom camera is 

supplemented with infra-red illuminators, a variety of movement detectors, a digital recorder and a public address system.

Monitored wireless CCTV, backed up by live audio challenges, is proven to help prevent crime. There are many suppliers of CCTV security, however, very few have an offering specifically designed for temporary installations such as construction sites. JCB Smart Tower is a rapid deployment CCTV solution that's unique to the market as it offers a quality service that is both more effective and less expenive than traditional guards and equipment.

JCB Smart Tower is a comprehensive security solution with guaranteed system integrity to protect remote and challenging sites from start to completion.